Privacy Notice

his privacy policy will review how we collect data and information about user information. When you signed up to you agreed to our terms of service and our privacy policy which is listed below. We make this page readily available within the site.


1.0 Cookies
1.1. The browser you use must accept cookies.
1.2. We reserve the right to make use of third party cookies to help us with analytics, user behaviour and the targeting of advertising. Such things are industry standards such as Google Analytics.

Account Emails

2.0 Account Emails
2.1. Your account emails are never sold.
2.2. We only use your email to communicate with you about Clibux.

Account Passwords

3.0 Account passwords
3.1. We protect account passwords for security of your accounts.
3.2. We value your privacy so your passwords are never sold or shown.


4.0 Advertisements
4.1. We are not responsible for advertisements placed on the site and we suggest you always check the terms of services and privacy policies of external links within the site.



The following are the data Clibux collect and are stored.

Clibux collects the following data:

  1. Mandatory data - Clibux collects your First Name, Email address, IP Address. This data is used in communications, user tracking, advertising, marketing and to derive product insights.
  2. Optional data - Clibux also allows you to enter your birthday, a username, avatar photo, and links to your facebook, twitter, and personal websites. This data is optional and not used in any automated processing or profiling.